AL - American League
[1901- present]
Franch. ID Team Name
ANA Anaheim Angels
BAL Baltimore Orioles
BOS Boston Red Sox
ANA California Angels
CHW Chicago White Sox
CLE Cleveland Indians
DET Detroit Tigers
HOU Houston Astros
KCR Kansas City Royals
ANA Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
MIN Minnesota Twins
MIL Milwaukee Brewers
NYY New York Yankees
OAK Oakland Athletics
MIL Seattle Pilots
SEA Seattle Mariners
TBD Tampa Bay Devil Rays
TBD Tampa Bay Rays
TEX Texas Rangers
TOR Toronto Blue Jays
TEX Washington Senators

NA - National Association
[1871-1875, 1879-1880]
Franch. ID Team Name
BLC Baltimore Canaries
MAR Baltimore Marylands
ECK Brooklyn Eckfords
BRA Brooklyn Atlantics
BNA Boston Red Stockings
CNA Chicago White Stockings
CNA Chicago White Stockings
CFC Cleveland Forest Citys
RES Elizabeth Resolutes
KEK Fort Wayne Kekiongas
HNA Hartford Dark Blues
WES Keokuk Westerns
MAN Middletown Mansfields
NHV New Haven Elm Citys
NNA New York Mutuals
PNA Philadelphia Athletics
PWS Philadelphia Whites
CEN Philadelphia Centennials
ROK Rockford Forest Citys
SLR St. Louis Red Stockings
SNA St. Louis Brown Stockings
TRO Troy Haymakers
OLY Washington Olympics
NAT Washington Nationals
WBL Washington Blue Legs
WNT Washington Nationals
NL - National League
[1876 - present]
Franch. ID Team Name
ARI Arizona Diamondbacks
ATL Atlanta Braves
CHC Chicago Cubs
CIN Cincinnati Reds
COL Colorado Rockies
FLA Florida Marlins
HOU Houston Astros
LAD Los Angeles Dodgers
FLA Miami Marlins
MIL Milwaukee Brewers
WSN Montreal Expos
NYM New York Mets
PHI Philadelphia Phillies
PIT Pittsburgh Pirates
SDP San Diego Padres
SFG San Francisco Giants
STL St. Louis Cardinals
WSN Washington Nationals

AA - American Association
[1882-1884, 1887-1891]
Franch. ID Team Name
BLO Baltimore Orioles
BLO Baltimore Orioles
LAD Brooklyn Atlantics
LAD Brooklyn Bridegrooms
LAD Brooklyn Grays
BRG Brooklyn Gladiators
BRS Boston Reds
CLV Cleveland Blues
CBK Columbus Buckeyes
CLS Columbus Solons
CIN Cincinnati Red Stockings
CKK Cincinnati Kelly's Killers
IHO Indianapolis Hoosiers
KCC Kansas City Cowboys
LOU Louisville Colonels
LOU Louisville Eclipse
MLA Milwaukee Brewers
NYP New York Metropolitans
PHA Philadelphia Athletics
PHQ Philadelphia Athletics
PIT Pittsburg Alleghenys
ROC Rochester Broncos
RIC Richmond Virginians
STL St. Louis Brown Stockings
STL St. Louis Browns
SYS Syracuse Stars
TOL Toledo Blue Stockings
TLM Toledo Maumees
WST Washington Nationals
WAS Washington Statesmen
FL - Federal League
Franch. ID Team Name
BLT Baltimore Terrapins
BTT Brooklyn Tip-Tops
BFL Buffalo Blues
BFL Buffalo Buffeds
CHH Chicago Chi-Feds
CHH Chicago Whales
NEW Indianapolis Hoosiers
KCP Kansas City Packers
NEW Newark Pepper
PBS Pittsburgh Rebels
SLI St. Louis Terriers

PL - Players League
Franch. ID Team Name
BFB Buffalo Bisons
BWW Brooklyn Ward's Wonders
BRS Boston Reds
CHP Chicago Pirates
CLI Cleveland Infants
NYI New York Giants
PHQ Philadelphia Athletics
PBB Pittsburgh Burghers

UA - Union Association
Franch. ID Team Name
ALT Altoona Mountain City
BLU Baltimore Monumentals
BRD Boston Reds
CPI Chicago/Pittsburgh (Union League)
COR Cincinnati Outlaw Reds
KCU Kansas City Cowboys
MLU Milwaukee Brewers
PHK Philadelphia Keystones
SLM St. Louis Maroons
STP St. Paul White Caps
WIL Wilmington Quicksteps
WNA Washington Nationals
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